E-mail Etiquette Matters

As you all know, e-mail has become the main form of communication taking place in the business world. Unfortunately, there are some people who do not realize how annoying it is when ‘u abbrvt.’ Do u thk its annoying 2? If you come across someone who has yet to learn e-mail etiquette, send them this this link! E-mailing can be difficult for some, especially because e-mails can be very ambiguous and easily misunderstood. Take the time to research e-mail etiquette as it will make your job much easier and lead to less misunderstandings.

The best way to keep your e-mails professional, yet personal, is by following a few tips of e-mail etiquette that I am providing for you today:

  • Courteous greeting and closing – Hello, thank you, have a great weekend, best regards, etc.; leaving these out can make an e-mail seem harsh or cold even if that was not your original intention.
  • Spell the name correctly to whom you are addressing and use the correct level of formality when necessary – Using the correct level of formality is a sign of respect. It might not be necessary in the United States, and after e-mailing with your Chinese counterparts for  while it might not be necessary, but in the beginning it will help to build a trusting relationship.
  • Spell check – An e-mail with spelling mistakes is not taken seriously. However, there are exceptions when dealing with foreign companies because English might not be their first language and/or they might not speak English very well, so spelling errors are to be expected. In addition, spelling words correctly and using proper grammar is also important because some foreign companies use a translator built into their e-mail system, and incorrectly spelled words will be lost in translation.
  • Read your e-mails before sending them – This will help you ensure your e-mail has the tone you are intending. It is also nice to read through your e-mail and add in a few pleases and thank yous, as these will go a long way with the receiver. A final read through will also ensure you have included all necessary details and information. The more accurate and detailed the information, the less back and forth you will have to deal with.

Have a great week, and thanks for listening!

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