About Me – 关于我

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, at the age of 18 I moved to Reno, Nevada to pursue a Bachelors of Science in International Business with an emphasis in Management and Italian. In addition to studying international business at the University of Nevada, Reno, I spent a year living and studying abroad in Turin, Italy. By traveling extensively in Italy, and to many other countries in Europe, I learned to be flexible and understanding of the many different cultures our world is composed of. My experiences during my undergraduate studies in Reno and Italy led me to pursing a Master of Business Administration at the University of Nevada, Reno, as well as to my current employment as the Assistant Inventory Analyst at Skagen Designs, an international Danish watch design company. I work closely with our business unit in Hong Kong and act as the inventory liaison between our company and our Chinese manufacturers. During my daily interactions with my Chinese coworkers and Chinese factory employees, I experience the difficulties caused by our cultural differences. Despite these cultural differences, I am passionate about international business, international relations, supply chain management, and logistics. I am highly motivated by the endless possibilities of working abroad.

I assist organizations and people involved in international supply chain and logistics with Chinese cultural differences by sharing my personal and professional experiences with the Chinese people, culture, and business world.

While sharing my opinions and experiences about the Chinese culture, I want to emphasize that accepting different cultures is essential for businesses to be successful on a global scale. Practicing cultural tolerance is vital for people to learn as to not judge different cultures and practices. No matter what foreign country a company operates in, there will always be cultural differences. It is difficult for many Americans to work with people from different cultures because of a typical American syndrome called “ethnocentrism.” I want to assist and inspire people and organizations involved with international supply chain and logistics to overcome these difficulties and operate successfully globally.


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